Creating Ambiance: Table Lamp Assembling Instructions

A well-designed table lamp can enhance the ambiance of any room, casting a warm glow and adding a touch of elegance. At Zavadski LLC, we believe that assembling our Marble Table Lamp with Cotton shade should be a straightforward and enjoyable process.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps required to assemble your table lamp and create a beautiful lighting centerpiece for your space.  

Step 1: Insert the Bulb

The first step in assembling your table lamp is to insert the bulb. For perfect fit, you should purchase a narrow and elongated E14 bulb. Carefully align the bulb socket with the lamp's designated opening, ensuring a snug fit. Be cautious not to overtighten the bulb, as it may lead to damage.  

Marble Table Lamp Adjustment Guide

Step 2: Place the Cotton Shade

Now that the bulb is in place, it's time to add the stylish cotton shade to cover it. Gently slide the cotton shade over the metal frame, ensuring that it rests securely on the respective base. The shade will allow to diffuse the light evenly throughout the room.  

Marble Table Lamp Adjustment Guide - Cotton Shade

Step 3: Fasten the Top Marble Part

The final step in assembling your Marble Table Lamp is to fasten the top marble part onto the metal frame. Carefully align the holes on the marble top with the corresponding pegs on the metal frame. Once aligned, gently tighten the top components, ensuring a secure connection. Take a moment to ensure that the marble top is centered and level, providing a stable and balanced aesthetic.  

Marble Table Lamp Adjustment Guide -  Marble Top Part

Congratulations! You have successfully assembled your Marble Table Lamp with Cotton shade from Zavadski LLC.

By following these simple instructions, you have created a stunning lighting piece that combines elegance, functionality, and superior craftsmanship. Enjoy the warm glow and subtle ambiance that your table lamp brings to your living space, enhancing the overall atmosphere and providing a touch of sophistication. Thank you for choosing our product; we are confident it will illuminate your home for years to come.

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