Who we are? Zavadski LLC, based in Ukraine

Our chandeliers preserve the best European traditions formed throughout centuries by leading artists, architects and artisans for famous castles and villas. The Scandinavian style is in our venes. We designed crystal chandeliers for the Nordic market for years, with reference to the slightest details of King’s palace chandeliers in baroque and empire, as well as Austrian tradition of Maria-Theresa rococo and classical Italian die cast models. And still we are not bound by these styles. Fresh air of modern tendencies inspired our designer chandeliers which don’t follow, but rather create trends.


Zavadski was founded back in 1990 as one of the first post-communist era private businesses in the city of Ternopil, west of Ukraine, former Galizien province of Austria. Founder, Mr Roman Zavadsky is an experienced metal processing engineer and inventor, as well as Mrs Luba Zavadsky is talented constructing engineer.

Company was treated and run with special passion and care when in the later 90’s younger generation of the family joined the business: Oleh Zavadsky, graduate of the international business faculty of economic university & Tanya Zavadsky, graduate of college of arts and faculty of design. By that time company had established chandelier frame factory, based on own facility in the very convenient location near major road around Ternopil.

Scanned photo dated 05/30/2001. First days at work of today’s CEO Oleh Zavadsky 


Since 2001 Zavadski begin active cross-border relations, best example of which is sustainable, long-lasting and trust-based cooperation with Schöler & Co. GmbH (Austria). At present moment Zavadski holds several lines of self made products and large custom projects portfolio based on highest available quality components from Italian, Spanish and German suppliers, acts as an exclusive distributor of Schöler Crystal under separate unit branded “Austrian Crystal”. Zavadski is in constant search of new business projects and open for many offers.

We have an extended experience in production of high-end quality crystal chandeliers, both mainstream and highly customised bespoke models. Our range consists of well over a hundred chandeliers produced in small amounts and over sixteen collections of custom models. Each collection represents distinctive style and contains impressive portfolio of completed projects.

General Production Overview

Zavadski LLC, Team Photo, 2020

Our company has a complete production cycle enabling it to make most operations to turn a raw metal sheet into a high value sparkling crystal chandelier. Cutting, CNC spinning, turning and engraving, mechanical & chemical surface treatment, electrical assembly is done under one roof. Such components as die casted brass parts are supplied from Framon (Italy) and Ramon Lozano (Spain), extra spun parts from Arnal (Spain), stamped parts from Montesinos (Spain) and Metaldecor (Italy). High quality electrical fittings are supplied from Vossloh-Schwabe and high-grade brass rods from Swissmetal (Germany). Needless to say is that all crystal components are supplied by leading Austrian, Czech, Egyptian and Turkish producers that need no presentation in front of the respected readers. Since last couple of years Zavadski entered the market of USA hence did the UL certification and connected with new historical suppliers of high quality components for lighting fixtures in North America market.

We developed and implemented our own quality system certified by international company Intertek according to requirements of Semko (S-mark), the strictest European seal. Within the system each incoming component, every manufacturing process and every single ready chandelier is carefully examined. All electrical products are checked for safety with a high precision, specialised and annually calibrated equipment. The overall quality system is checked by means of internal audit and external inspection on annual basis for double security.

Our base is family owned and operated companies aimed at far visioned future development. Such virtues as punctuality, reliability, devotion, honesty and transparency are highly valued by the family members and the business as the whole. We are still rather young company with great potential of growth. Expansion can be easily managed using existing building and machinery(now used for 1 shift only) with the perspective of additions on a vacant ground on site.

We team up to deliver highest possible service to our customers, including information exchange on demand, communications in English, German, Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish, instant reply to any inquiries, strict timing and punctuality, everything to get right products in right place and agreed time.

Production Process

The chandeliers must have an artistic design. It is reenforced by good education and experience of our designers and engineer, both devoting themselves to the look and quality in every single detail. We can develop models based on given precise drawing, design draft, hand-made sketch or just verbal explanation.

Once we get a request we make a free, non-binding offer to you. All details, changes, add-ons, whatever is discussed until we reach final mutually understandable and clearly presented project task. The rest is done according to the project timing plan with no delays and no unpleasant surprises.

We use high quality brass at most for our chandeliers. It is not an easy task to find it as we need various types and various sorts of it. Sheets, tubes, rods, wires, oval profiles… Some need to be harder, some softer, etc.. Main sources of our brass are in Germany, Sweden and Ukraine. Though the ready made cast, stamped or spun components we buy in Italy and Spain. It is worth mentioning that all materials and components pass the incoming quality control procedures.

Marking and Cutting

Though mostly hand shaped and with the surface treated manually, some parts have extremely complex array of holes and various patterns. We mark and cut these complex things with a special CNC milling machines with the precision sometimes overdone. But in these efforts result in a very clean and elegant look of the chandeliers.


Rotational spinning is a process of making round shapes of any complexity out of sheet of metal. The founder of Zavadski TOV, Mr Roman Zavadsky, was granted several patents for invention and development of this technology with use of CNC machines. It allows us make custom shapes very precisely and with no extraordinary cost or time.

Silver Soldering

Best way to put together two elegant pieces of brass is silver soldering. It is done by melting a special silver soldering rod and applying a very smooth and accurate drop between brass surfaces. When the temperature lowers the parts become connected very naturally, without any visible connecting materials. Also after surface treatment the silver doesn’t show allowing us to achieve perfect look even without plating.
Maria-Theresa chandeliers are traditionally made of steel, because it is the only material capable for bearing decent weights and keeping good shape. Also some extra larges brass chandeliers need internal steel power frame behind decorative brass. To put steel elements together we use electric welding.


Polishing is a first surface treatment procedure. It actually means mechanical removal of a tiny surface layer of the brass and making it so smooth and even that it sparkles like a mirror. After polishing brass needs to be either fine polished and lacquered, or aged by chemicals to the desired color and lacquered, or nickel or gold plated. We also use fusion processes that include various approaches on one surface for a very special look.

Garland Making

No matter which type of assembly is used, the garland-making process requires a selection of crystals with specific numbers of holes in them and clips (wires) to arrange little pieces in one chain. We use brass-only clips, which improve the durability of garlands.

Hand Assembly

Hand assembly is also a powerful part of our production. It includes drilling, riveting, electrical fitting, screwing. After the assembly, each product goes to the quality control department. There they stay until fully tested according to the very strict procedures and until we make sure that testing equipment is also worked well. This is a very reliable way to avoid mistakes in assembly and testing and deliver the best possible quality and safety to you.


Custom chandeliers need custom packing. This enormous box was so big that we had to use an old rusty barn to pack and later load it. Loading was very labor intensive as so many people took part in it. Even the extra tall truck was ordered and expected for more than a week. And even that truck had to lift its roof to fit such a big chandelier!

Reasons to Be Proud

We managed to successfully overcome crisis, post-communist era of raidings and governmental encroachments on private business, while constantly developing ourselves. Through the years our work was polished to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Here are a couple of our main reasons to be proud…

 Chandelier photos before and after, Zavadski LLC


Zavadski LLC, Chandelier for a Church Project, 2003 // Zavadski LLC, Noble Chandelier, 2021

Photography is one of the numerous hobbies of our CEO Oleh. He shoots with Leica M for his private Flickr account. This passion is now reflected in our new shooting studio with numerous backgrounds and professional light. Back at the beginning of the 2000s no professional photos were made, which create a deep gap in our portfolio history…  

Since Zavadski LLC still remains in family ownership, everybody in a family adds something to business development. We are glad to say that Theresa Zavadsky (third generation in the business) wrote a single for a Geometrics collection. Easy and playful melody in the performance of the flute will introduce every new Geometrics model in our catalogue.

If a good violin player can be proved by Paganini etudes, then a chandelier craftsman — by brass finishings. It’s an undeniable fact and we are proud of our brass finishings… All these years of work have led to perfect surfaces and the flawless mirror effect of a noble metal.

All our efforts resulted in interest in our products by well-respected customers, such as Hilton and Claridge’s hotels. We have no doubts, that next time when Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II will arrive at Claridge’s Hotel, she will turn off a table lamp done by us for this hotel. Moreover, we are confident that Her Majesty will be impressed by its quality!

London, Monaco, Beverly Hills and Stockholm all have one thing in common — our chandeliers in the most expensive hotels.


Looking forward to working with you!

Yours always
Zavadski LLC Team…