Mouth-blown glass elements. How it’s made?

Mouth-blown glass is an object of constant admiration. It has a special charm with its natural curves and textures. Year by year machinery gets more advanced in terms of glass production but it never will be close to a perfect appearance of mouth-blown, real glass.

These glass pieces are bespoke made for us by a famous Lemberg's glass Master. We have visited him to capture all the important steps of his work for our article.



In the beginning raw materials have to be placed on a blowpipe and heated in a furnace to melting temperature (approximately 1300 °C). 
When gather of glass is soft enough, a fabrication process starts. This step requires precise and coordinated moves. Shaping glass into the right form is crucial. Otherwise, it won't be blown into a symmetrical shape. 

Depending on production requirements, colours or glass drops are applied now. For our chandeliers, we usually use clear glass or a glass with a bubbly structure. 

After additional decorating or colour pigment is placed, Craftsmen repeatedly place the glass into a mould to get the right form.

Production of mouth-blown glass in Lemberg

Glassblower has to heat the glass again after the shaping phase to get the it ready for the most important step - blowing glass into the desired shape. Glassblowing is the most exciting step one can view and endlessly admire. But it does not concern a craftsman. It is highly intensive work, which needs a lot of endurance and power.

Mouth blown glass in process

At this stage, the creator of artwork may use additional instruments, such as scissors, additional moulds or guides to form the shape.

Mouth-blown glass by Zavadski LLC

After all, the blowpipe is removed and excess glass is trimmed off. A newly-made and still hot piece is placed into the kiln, which brings the glass slowly to a room temperature.

Mouth blown glass - production process


Our lighting fixtures with Mouth-blown glass

We produce only top-end chandeliers. This high rank requires only the highest quality possible. Therefore, we use only the best available brass, crystals and glass in our production. That is why our chandeliers are decorated with mouth-blown bespoke glass.

The greatest representative models with glass are Andorra chandeliers in Colonial style. Mouth-blown sphere makes each piece unique. You will never find exactly the same Andorra chandelier as the one, made for your order. 

Andorra chandelier with mouth-blown glass

Andorra Chandelier, Model 45-04


Other models we use hand-made elements in are Andorra wall lights. Model 45-11 has an interesting combination of nickel-plated brass and clear glass elements. Together they create a deeper appearance. 

Andorra wall light with mouth-blown glass

Andorra Wall Light,  Model 45-11

 The thing with mouth-blown and textured glass is that it is massive by itself. It has a special temperament, which has to be treated specially. That is why all our models with glass elements have clear lines and simple shapes. We want to honour the Art of Glass accordingly....



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