Streaming tempo and singing melody are the main features of Tarantella, the most popular Italian folk dance. Sharply cut chains of fantastic quality crystals on elegant, perfectly finished brass are combined into designer chandeliers of similarly named collection. Octagons wonderfully break the light into all colours of the rainbow even on a sad day, even with the light off. Finials - the icicles - are of the same perfect quality, both clear and coloured. Designer Tetiana Zavadsky chose perfect fit colour combinations of metal and crystals by nobody will deny if you decide to participate and order your own variant. A special gem in these models is a ceiling cup: complicated and unique suspension element developed by Tomas Krebs from Krebs Stockholm for easy height adjustment. It allows Tarantella to be both regular ceiling or over the table light, as well as you can use it in the lowest position on both sides of your king-size bed.